How to Prepare for On Campus Job Interview

How to Prepare for On-Campus Job Interview

 Sep 11 2016 @3:00 PM

Article By- Jagriti P.

On Campus job offer is a dream come true for any student who has studied so hard all those years. You started aiming for a great college, you went through the rigorous process of Entrance exams and Counselling. You also have put endless hours in making sure that your academic grades are shining and then there comes the time for on Campus interview. This is your chance to make the very first move into the corporate world and make yourself, friends and family proud.

If you are dealing with interview anxiety, not sure what to expect and how to prepare- Read on for some very useful tips on how to excel your On Campus Job interview.

1- The "Tell me about yourself":

Almost every interview starts with this phrase, Are you prepared to answer it? Do you know what they really want to know about you? Are they bored and want some stories? The answer is NO. When an interviewer asks, "Tell me about yourself," they want information that is pertinent to the job. Your answer to this question will set the tone for rest of the interview. Revealing too much personal information is not only unnecessary, it may spoil the mood as well. Instead, try a concise, enthusiastic response that summarizes your academics, hobbies, achievements and your interests in learning the corporate world.

2- Research your Employer:

If your college has invited many companies, they will sure come visit your college within a very short period of time, so Research well who you are going to meet with. There are well known big corporate and then there are startups. Invest good amount of time in researching the company background. Research about their business model, core business objectives, employee count and whether they have presence overseas etc. The more you are familiar with their brand the more comfortable you will be while talking to them.

3- Choose Carefully, Pay attention to the job offer:

As this job offer will be going to be a stepping stone in your professional career, be sure that the job being offered is what you aspire to be. May colleges have restriction that if you are selected for one job, you have to make way for others and cannot participate in further interviews. For example: If you are into coding, opting a call center job does not work in long term. Big Corporates want to pick a fresh talent lineup from your college, that’s why they are there, however it is your career which is at stake. Choose the offer very carefully and make sure you fully understand the job responsibilities.

4- Be Honest with the interviewer:

Try to make sure that you are absolutely to the point while answering their question. They are there to evaluate your thought processes, your logical reasoning and the approach to solve the problems. Misleading them with unnecessary information will lead to leave a negative impact. If you are unsure about any questions, be open to humbly accept it and move on.

5- Remember to ask questions:

This is interview, right? They ask questions and you answer, right? WRONG! You have equal opportunity to ask questions. Usually interviewers give this opportunity at the very end, encouraging candidate to ask questions. Most candidates miss this opportunity by saying NO as they are totally focused on the results. Do not miss this opportunity. If you have not been given time to ask questions, humbly ask that you have few questions and if they don’t mind. Use the time to ask questions about job responsibilities, if job involves working in shifts, location preference etc.

6- Watch your Social Media Presence:

Do you know that more and more Human Resource guys are now scouring the social media presence of their potential employees? They want to know about your behavior, outlook for social issues and potentially wish to know what your friend list looks like or what are your interest groups are. Be very careful on Social media as once its on internet, it lives there forever.

7- Prepare Mock interview:

We all know how stressful job interview can become. Be sure to alleviate the pressure and stress by mock interview. Take help from your friend who can help you in practicing and return the favor by helping out him too. If you really cannot find a buddy or too shy to ask for help, nothing works better than practicing in front of mirror. Work on your expressions, your gestures and overall positiveness.

8- Dress up well:

It does not matter whether your college has a dress code or not, you have to treat the interview as The Real deal. Make sure you dress up properly, wear well ironed clothes and preferably a tie. Your first impression on job interviewer must be pleasant. Even if you know the company is casual, dress professionally and show that you take yourself and the company seriously.

9- The Don’t list:

Avoid moves that will instantaneously set you back in the process, for example- Do not cross your hands over chest, do not look elsewhere while speaking- looking straight into the eye of interviewer makes great impact. Do not have a trendy ringtone that may upset the entire audience- keep it on silent or it can wait so don’t carry phone to the room at all. Don’t be soft-spoken- A forceful voice projects confidence. Don’t say anything negative about colleagues, teachers, or college. Don’t inquire about salary, vacations, bonuses, retirement, or other benefits until after you’ve received an offer, try to delay salary talk until you have an offer.

10- Be Confidant, Wear a Big Smile:

This is interview 101 that will go a long way throughout your career. Feel confidant within yourself and exhibit the same throughout the course of interview process. It is very normal if you are nervous, however keep telling yourself that you got this and this is going to be in your favor. A big smile always works wonders when you face interviewer- be sure to wear it while entering the room, during conversation and until leaving the room or better FOREVER. Smiling increases likability and shows a positive, confident energy. Hiring managers tend to favor candidates that are positive and engaging.

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We wish you Best of Luck for success on your on-campus interview.

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